manufacturers and
designers working
together to change
the industry

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create sustainable
alternatives to common

selecting low carbon,
non-toxic materials

Most lighting products are needlessly made from steel, aluminum, and plastic. However, there are many natural, renewable alternatives that work just as well for fixture housings, mounting hardware, and optics. Our design process started with the creation of a sustainable material library and laboratory where our engineers could play with the most sustainable materials available, and start to shape new materials into familiar solutions. Wood, wool, and hemp are the most prevalent materials in Lightly products.

developing a new lighting
supply chain

In an attempt to cut costs, many other lighting manufacturers have outsourced their supply chains to east Asia. This may decrease component costs, but it increases the amount of energy used to transport components back to their manufacturing facilities. At Lightly, we source our components locally, decreasing our carbon footprint while supporting our local economies.

thoughtful manufacturing

The processes used for assembling, finishing, and packaging light fixtures are often time-consuming, toxic, and wasteful. Lightly products are assembled by hand to reduce energy consumption, and are cleverly designed with the fewest number of components to accelerate the assembly process. Our wood paints and finishes are VOC-free, and safely edible (if you’re into that), and our packaging is recyclable.

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encourage manufacturers
and clients to invest in
sustainable design

replace legacy fixtures with
sustainable equivalents

There is a simple way to change the industry. Reallocate money away from unsustainable products, and invest that money in sustainably designed products instead. Changing the products specified on your current projects is a good start. At scale, this will force manufacturers to either adapt, or fall behind.

demanding 3rd party verification of product sustainability information

Greenwashing is a real problem in the lighting industry. Buying carbon credits doesn’t solve our climate issues, and neither does claiming 3D printing with plastic is sustainable. Lightly products are accompanied by Environmental Product Declarations and Declare labels, providing 3rd-party verification of our sustainability claims.

educating clients and colleagues

Climate change is a hot topic, but many people still don’t know exactly how they can help. Educating clients about sustainable materials, certifications, and manufacturers will help accelerate the transition of our industry to sustainable design.


No need for greenwashing. Our product sustainability information is third-party verified, so you know exactly how you are impacting the well-being of your clients and mother nature.

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honesty & transparency

Always be truthful, and provide evidence whenever possible.

consider 3rd-order consequences

Understand your impact on others, beyond what is in your direct field-of-view.

progress over perfection

Solve problems as best as possible today, then improve over time. Don’t wait for the perfect solution.