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How does the weight compare to an equivalent aluminum product?

Lightly products are typically much lighter than traditional metal fixtures, saving energy and money during transportation. For example, an 8′ Lightly Butterfly weighs just 11lbs.

What is the driver box material and design? Needs to be elegant and safe

Since driver boxes are meant to contain high voltage electrical components, they must be made from metal to be safe. Lightly driver boxes are made from steel, with convenient knockouts for quick wiring of power and controls.

How many drivers are needed to power continuous runs?

Lightly requires one 50W driver for every 8′ fixture length

Are there any additional optical distribution options?

Since Lightly products contain no plastic, the light distribution characteristics are determined by the physical profile of the fixture which internally reflects light. If you don’t see a distribution that you are looking for throughout our product families, please reach out to us a let us know.

Where does the emergency battery get stored?

Emergency components are stored in our remote driver box

How many delivered lumens can the Butterfly product emit?

Up to 1400 lumens per foot

How is the glare / UGR?

Even though Lightly products deliver 1400 lumens per linear foot, they have very low glare because the light sources are hidden from view, and the light is being reflected within the fixture before reaching your eyes.

Do you offer products with 2-circuit individually addressable direct/indirect distributions?

Yes, see our products page for 2-circuit, individually addressable direct and indirect linear lighting options

Does this meet the 2022 Buy American Act requirements?

Yes, more than 55% of Lightly’s components are sourced domestically, and our manufacturing facility is proudly based in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

How do I clean oil and dirt off of the product?

We recommend cleaning Lightly products with cleaners that are meant for natural wood. Soft soap and a damp cloth work great for dirt and oil stains. Certain chemical cleaners could damage the wood or the wood finish.

How do Lightly products handle fire?

Lightly products are made from the same wood materials as many common natural wood ceiling and wall systems, and will behave similarly in the event of a fire.

How does the wood handle moisture and humidity?

Lightly products are subjected to rigorous testing for months in a humidity tent, looking for warping, rotting, and other moisture related issues. See our terms and conditions document for our recommendations around handling and storage. Lightly products are UL listed for both damp and dry interior locations.

How durable is the hemp suspension?

Hemp is well-known for its strength, used historically as rigging for wooden ships among many other feats. However, if you would be more comfortable with traditional steel aircraft cable, we can supply that instead.

What if I don't want to be the guinea pig for this new product?

We understand if you don’t want to be an early adopter, but we believe that everything we are doing has been well tested. We did not need to invent any new technology for Lightly products, we simply combined existing technologies in a new way. The wood that we use is prolific in architectural ceiling systems and furniture. Our light engines are made the same way as any other lighting manufacturer. We hope you will join our movement!

How straight is the wood over long lengths?

After testing a dozen wood species, poplar was selected for its ability to remain straight after cutting, with less than 1/4″ bow over an 8′ length. To get our products even straighter, we incorporated wooden bridges into the product design that force the wood pieces to be straight and parallel for the long term.

Will the white paint yellow over time when exposed to UV?

Our VOC-free, non-toxic paints will not yellow over time.